Information leaflets for clubs and organisations

This year, the information leaflet has been turned into a dedicated web page, although printed copies can still be ordered for clubs and organisations.

The leaflet from the Norwegian Directorate of Elections provides voters with the most important information they need about the Parliamentary Election 2021. It tells voters who has the right to vote, and when and how they can vote.

This information is available via several channels this year:

The printed leaflets are available in the following languages: Bokmål, Nynorsk, English, Arabic, Tigrinya (Eritrean), Somali, Persian/Farsi, Turkish, Urdu, Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Leaflets in the Sami language will be sent to households and municipalities in the Sami language administrative district.

Municipalities, county authorities, political parties, and special interest organisations can order printed paper leaflets for free from the Norwegian Directorate of Elections.

How to order

Order leaflets by completing this form.

Remember to provide a contact person to receive the order and the correct delivery address. Availability of the various versions may vary.