Voting on election day

Election day for the re-election for the county council election in Moss municipality is 27 November.


On election day you must vote in Moss municipality.

How to vote

Hånd som tar en stemmeseddel i valgavlukket

Select the ballot paper you want to use.

Velger som gir personstemme

If you want to give one or more candidates a personal vote, you can put a tick in the box next to the candidate’s name on the ballot paper. You can give as many personal votes as you want.

Velger som bretter stemmeseddel

Fold the ballot paper with the party name facing in, and the field where the stamp goes, facing out – that way, nobody can see what you are voting for. Do not use an envelope or other cover around the ballot paper.

Stemmeseddel som stemples

Go to an election official and get a stamp on your ballot paper. This is important – or your vote may be rejected.

Legg stemmeseddel i urne

Drop your ballot paper into the ballot box.

Where are the polling stations and when are they open?

You can find addresses and opening hours for polling stations

Remember to take ID with you

You must bring your ID with you when you go to vote. It is not sufficient
to have your polling card or to just state your name and date of birth.

See ID requirements.

It is not necessary to bring your polling card in order to vote.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions in connection with voting, there are election workers at all polling stations who will be able to help you.