Voting in your home municipality

Steg 1 for å stemme
Choose the ballot paper you want to use.
Steg 2 for å stemme
Make any changes to the ballot paper. See guidance below.
Steg 3 for å stemme
Fold the ballot paper so the party names are on the inside and the field for stamping is on the outside – this prevents anyone seeing how you have voted. Do not put the ballot paper in an envelope or inside any other cover.
Steg 4 for å stemme
Go to an election official, show your ID, and have the ballot paper stamped on the outside. The ballot paper must be stamped to be valid!
Steg 5 for å stemme
Place the stamped ballot paper in the ballot box.
Altering ballot papers

You can make some changes to the ballot paper. Altering the ballot paper does not affect how much your vote counts.
Endre rekkefølge på kandidatene
Altering the order of the candidates
Enter a (new) number in the box to the left of the name of the candidate( s) in order to show in what order you are voting for the candidates.
Stryke kandidater
Crossing out candidates
Check the box to the right of the candidate(s) you wish to delete.