To Municipal and county council elections 2019 : Voting in advance

How to vote early abroad and on Svalbard and Jan Mayen

You can vote early abroad and on Svalbard and Jan Mayen by contacting a foreign polling station or a returning officer appointed by the Governor of Svalbard or the Norwegian Directorate of Elections. If you are abroad, you may also vote by post.

If you vote early, you cannot vote again on election day. Nor can you vote in advance more than once.

How to vote early abroad and on Svalbard and Jan Mayen:

  1. You must meet a returning officer in person.
  2. The returning officer will inform you of the voting procedure and provide you with writing materials, a ballot paper and ballot envelopes. Then you are shown to a polling booth, where you cast your vote in private.
  3. Tick the party you would like to vote for on the ballot paper. If you would like to vote for another party/group, write the name in a separate field. If you do not select a party/group, you will submit a blank vote.     
  4. Put the ballot paper in the brown ballot paper envelope. Then reseal the envelope.
  5. The returning officer places the ballot paper envelope in a cover envelope. The cover envelope should be resealed.
  6. The returning officer completes the form and signs the cover envelope.
  7. The returning officer then gives you the cover envelope so that you can sign it and confirm that what is written on it is correct. Ensure that all the required information is included. It is particularly important that you observe that the returning officer has noted the correct name, personal identification number (11 digits) and if applicable, previous residential addresses in Norway.
  8. The returning officer ensures that early votes are sent directly to the right municipality in Norway.

Please remember to bring valid identification