To Municipal and county council elections 2019 : Voting in advance

Advance voting

It is possible to vote at the municipal and county council elections 2019 in advance, from 10 August until 6 September.

In Norway, advance voting is possible before the actual election day. It is amongst the longest advance voting periods there are.

During this period, you may vote in the advance voting station of your choice throughout the country. It is important to remember that it is not possible to change your vote in Norway. This means that if you vote in advance, you cannot vote again, or on the election day.

In Norway, it is the municipality that receives advance votes. The municipality decides when and where advance voting is possible, and informs its voters of this. The municipality is obliged by law to receive advance votes at healthcare and medical care institutions.

Are you wondering where the voting stations are? Or what the opening times are? When the advance voting period is approaching, we advise all voting and advance voting stations with opening hours at

Do you want to vote in advance in a municipality other than the one in which you are registered?

If you vote in advance at the municipal and county council elections in a municipality other than your home municipality, you will be issued a ballot paper showing the names of the registered political parties. This ballot paper does not contain the names of the candidates. You will need to check against or write the party/group you wish to vote for. You can also obtain a ballot paper yourself from your own municipality and use it if you wish to give personal votes to candidates on the list. 

You must then ask an election official to stamp the ballot paper before putting it in a ballot paper envelope. The ballot paper envelope and ballot card are then placed in a cover envelope, which is then placed in the ballot box. The vote is sent to your home municipality for counting.