Voting in advance

You can vote in advance from 10 August up and including 10 September.


During the advance voting period, you can vote in polling stations across the country.
Remember that it is not possible to change your vote. If you vote in advance, you cannot vote again, even on election day.

Where and when you can vote in advance is up to the municipalities accepting the votes. The municipality is obliged by law to accept advance votes at health and care institutions. You can also apply to your municipality for permission to vote at home.

Where can I vote and when are they open?

As the advance voting period approaches we will publish the locations of advance voting and polling stations with opening hours on

Will you be voting in advance in a municipality other than the one in which you are registered?

If you vote in advance in a municipality other than your home municipality, you will be given a cross-off ballot paper at the polling station. This will only list the names of the registered political parties, not the names of the individual candidates. This means you have to check off, or write in, which party/group you wish to vote for. You cannot make changes on this. You can also obtain a ballot paper from your constituency yourself and use that if you wish to make changes.

Next, you have to ask an election official to stamp the ballot paper before putting it in a ballot paper envelope. The ballot paper will then be placed in a cover envelope, which is then put in the ballot box.

Your vote will thereafter be sent to your home municipality for counting.

Will you be voting from abroad or on Svalbard?

Voters who are resident abroad or otherwise out of the country may vote in advance at foreign service missions or appointed returning officers. The same rules apply on Svalbard and Jan Mayen Island that apply for voting abroad.

You will find information about voting from abroad here.