Voting at home

Voters who need to can ask the municipality for permission to vote at home. Election officials from the municipality will then come to your home with the necessary equipment so that you can vote wherever you are.


The Norwegian Election Act (Valgloven) states that voters who cannot get to a polling station because of illness or disability can apply to their municipality to vote from home. When you contact the municipality to ask to vote from home, you must state why you want to make use of this option. However, there is no requirement for documentation. It is sufficient to tell the municipality why you want to vote from home.

How do I apply to vote from home?

The Election Act states that you must apply to the municipality to be allowed to vote from home. However, there is no requirement for this application to be in writing. It is enough to make oral contact with your municipality and state that you wish to vote from home.

When do I have to apply to vote from home?

The municipality itself will set the deadline for when you have to apply to vote from home. This deadline should be set somewhere between the last Tuesday and the last Friday before election day. To find out the exact deadline in your municipality, please contact the municipality.


When you arrive to vote, an election official will explain how to do so. The election official can also answer any questions you may have or find answers to your questions.

Assistance and help in the polling booth

Election officials can provide any assistance you may need. An election official can explain the procedure for voting to you. The officer can also tell you which parties are standing for election.

If you need assistance with casting your vote, an election official can also help you with this. It is up to you to decide what you need assistance with. You may need assistance with the entire voting process or perhaps you only need the election official to read out all of the party names for you? Election officials have a duty of confidentiality regarding anything they may learn about what and who you intend to vote for.

How to vote from home

Voting from home follows almost the same procedure as voting at a polling station:

  • The election officials bring the necessary equipment, including a set of ballot papers with all parties and lists standing for election in the municipality and the county authority.
  • You select a ballot paper for the party/list you wish to vote for and make any changes on the ballot paper.
  • The election official checks your ID and stamps the ballot paper.
  • You put the ballot paper into the ballot box, and your vote is cast.