Submitting list proposals

The deadline for submitting list proposals is 12:00 on 31 March. See what requirements apply and how to submit your list proposal.


A list proposal must meet several requirements to be approved. The Norwegian Directorate of Elections has, therefore, prepared templates for the submission of list proposals for the parliamentary election in 2021. You will find the templates at the bottom of this page. List proposers are not required to use these templates, although they make it easier to meet the Election Act's requirements for list proposals. Using the template also makes it easier for election officials to process list proposals.

Do you still want to create your own form or need supplementary information? Then you should read the full review of the requirements for list proposals and their processing in the Election Manual.

The rest of this guidance is based on using the template from the Norwegian Directorate of Elections.

Formal requirements and deadlines

It is a good idea to note some formal requirements and deadlines:

  • Any party or group that wants to stand for election must submit a list proposal to the electoral committee in the county authority responsible for the constituency in which they want to stand for election.
  • It is up to the electoral committees to decide where and how they want the list proposals submitted. See the relevant county authority's website or contact them for more information.
  • The deadline for submitting list proposals is 12:00 on 31 March. The list proposal must have been received by the electoral committee in the county authority by this time. Parties and groups not eligible for simplified processing under the rules must collect the required number of signatures for their list proposal from people with the right to vote in the constituency in which the list will be standing.
  • The signatures are covered by a duty of non-disclosure and must not be made public.
  • The list proposal must be accompanied by an overview of the candidates' date of birth.

Completing list proposals

Once folded, the template consists of two standard pages (A4). The following must be provided on the page for list candidates:

  • The list proposal's heading
  • The constituency it is for
  • The election it is for
  • The candidates standing for election

The subsequent page(s) of the list proposal must be signed. Each signatory must provide their:

  • Full name
  • Residential address and postcode
  • Date of birth
  • Signature

Everyone who puts forward a list proposal must have a representative ('tillitsvalgt') and a substitute representative ('varatillitsvalgt') . The representatives have the authority to negotiate changes to the list proposal with the electoral committee in the county authority. The list proposal must identify who these are.

  • Write 'tillitsvalgt' or 'vara' next to their names.
  • These should be the two top signatures.
  • If more signatories will function as representatives with the power to withdraw the list proposal, this should be specified in the list proposal. The representatives' contact information should be provided.

If the list proposal does not meet the requirements of the Act, the election authorities and list proposer must try to bring the list proposal into compliance with the Act.