Text message to all voters

On Wednesday 4 September, the Norwegian Directorate of Elections will send a text message to all voters reminding them to exercise their right to vote in this year’s local elections.

Previous elections have seen trials in which text messages were sent to a representative sample of voters. This had a significant effect with respect to some groups of voters that normally vote in fewer numbers than the rest of the population. We are, therefore, sending a text message in these elections as well as a friendly reminder to everyone with the right to vote in Norway.

The electoral register from 29 August 2019 will be used to send the text message. The contact information will be checked against the contact and reservation register from 30 August 2019.

The text message campaign will provide the same information to each voter.

It will be sent to around 4 million people with the right to vote.

The text message will be sent by the Norwegian Directorate of Elections on behalf of the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. You can read more here.