Anyone with the right to vote can get assistance to vote in Norwegian elections.

Voting assistance

You can get help to cast your vote at a polling station, at an institution, or in your own home.

Anyone qualified to vote who wishes to do so must be able to vote when there is an election in Norway.

Many people need a little help when they come in person to a polling station to vote. This is available to everyone, and you just have to ask an election officer for help. They can accompany you throughout the voting process, tell you about all the aids and assist you in the polling booth if you wish.

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Some people may find it hard to get to a polling station. Then it might be nice to know that you can vote from home. The term for this option is “ambulatory voting” and is something all municipalities offer to those who need it. There are no formal requirements and the only thing you need to do to apply for this is to call your municipality

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Do you live in an institution, or know someone who does? All municipalities send election officers to their institutions during the advance voting period. These may include nursing homes, hospitals, prisons or military bases. Contact your municipality if you are wondering when they will be coming to your institution.

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